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Eva’s Poetry

Apr 13, 2008 in Poetry by Eva

The words that I have written here,

That you are about to read,

Were hiding in my mind in fear,

Struggling stubbornly to be freed.



I’ve never before had an urge to write,

But suddenly, I can’t quit.

The words put up a stubborn fight,

Then they come to me, bit by bit.



I still don’t quite understand it all,

Why I suddenly have the need,

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That I cannot fail to heed.



I know the words aren’t mine alone,

Because I’m simply not a poet.

It’s like a seed in my heart was sown

And I must cultivate and grow it.



But I pray that I can write one line,

One phrase or word or rhyme,

To east the burdens of one life,

If only for a time.





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