I’m Adopted Too, Are You?

Thursday, March 20th, 2008 @ 2:19 pm | Poetry by Eva

We adopted our son eight years ago.
He’s the joy of my life and I love him so!
Adoption, by nature, is an act of kindness,
A contract of love that will cheap Camagra online buy without prescription forever bind us.
It’s a loving choice that a person can make,
A bond sealed with love, that nothing can break.
It’s an act we choose to do with our heart
And nothing on earth can tear it apart.
But this choice to adopt came easy for buy cheap amoxil me
Because I’m adopted too, you see.
No, I wasn’t adopted here on this earth,
I was raised by the parents of my birth.
But rather, by choosing to live in God’s love,
I was adopted by my Father above.
And you can be adopted, too,
He has opened up His heart to you.
It’s a choice He made long, long ago,
To forgive our sins and save our souls.
He didn’t have to save us from sin.
He generic allegra could have just let our worthless lives end.
But He made the choice to call us His own,
And to build for us, in heaven, a home.
He loved us, forgave us, redeemed our souls!
He adopted us, you know!

Eva Roberts (Nov 1997)


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