A Picture of Love

Mar 20, 2008 in Poetry by Eva

 There’s a picture in my mind, like a fond memory,

Of a faraway hill and a cross I’ve never seen.

What happened that day, a long cheap Camagra online without prescription buy time ago

Brings tears to my eyes, but peace to my soul.

Because of this act of love by my Saviour,

I am forgiven my sinful behaviour.

And I know someday with Him I’ll reside

Because of the nail scars and the wound in His side.

At times when I feel like my life’s all askew,

If I’ll just try to imagine the pain He went through,

Then my troubles seem so trivial and vain,

And I know with His help I’ll get through life’s pain.

He won’t let my burden amoxil cheap get too great to bear,

If I’ll just ask for strength generic allegra d and wisdom in prayer.

And I know He’ll come again for me,

So I’ll just wait here patiently.

Eva Duke (Oct. 1997)